A complete understanding of Asuka Village

A complete understanding of Asuka Village

You can enjoy Asuka Village more if you know about it.

Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture was the setting for the Asuka period
approximately 1,400 years ago.
Because it became the center of the country and the capital was located
there, a centralized Ritsuryo state was established.
It is called “the birthplace of Japan.”
Asuka was the political center before the capital moved to Nara and Kyoto.
It is said to be one of the world’s leading international cities,
visited by dignitaries from overseas.
Asuka Village retains the ancient romance of the time,
including Japan’s largest ancient tomb,
it is a treasure trove of spots that can only be found here, such as
countless stone structures and ruins.
Asuka is an ancient city that can make even first-time visitors feel
nostalgic and at ease, so that it is considered “the home of the soul.
The more you know about Asuka Village, the more profound it becomes.
If you get to know Asuka even just a little bit and tour the village,
you are sure to find new discoveries and connections.
Please come and enjoy a special time in Asuka Village.
Quickly Basics of Asuka Village
Basic Asuka Village

Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of the Nara Basin (Yamato Plain), and is a small village with a population of approximately 5,400 people and an area of 24.08 km2, but it is a
place that you should visit at least once as it has an original Japanese landscape and many historical heritage sites. It is attracting attention as a village to visit.

And since it is the only village in Japan whose entire area is subject to historical landscape preservation under the Ancient Capital Preservation Law, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape where history and nature are fused, carefully protected by law. The charm of Asuka Village is that you will feel as if you have traveled back in time.

Quickly Basics of Asuka Village
Quickly Basics of Asuka Village
Specialties you'll want

Asuka Village's special product

Asuka Ruby, a brand of strawberries from Nara Prefecture that is irresistible to sweets lovers, is very famous, and “Strawberry Picking”, where you can eat your fill of strawberries while picking them, is also very popular. The “Strawberry Fair”, which has become a regular
event over the past few years, is also held for a limited time, and you can enjoy strawberry sweets that have been thoughtfully prepared by each store.

In addition, “Hinohikari” rice and red, black, and green ancient rice are also famous, and seasonal agricultural products such as blueberries, citrus fruits, and fresh vegetables are always available at the direct sales store throughout the year. You can also check out the souvenirs made from these products at various locations in the village!

Famous things

Famous things in Asuka Village

Asuka Village is all about history! Nature! There are so many things to see in one visit, such as Inabuchi Rice Terraces, one of Japan’s top 100 rice terraces, temples and shrines, historical sites, mysterious stone structures, and actual spots that appear in the Manyoshu.

Guided cycling tours have been created as an activity that allows you to experience Asuka Village. You can see completely different scenery

depending on the four seasons, so please come and see Asuka in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Quickly Basics of Asuka Village
Asuka with a historical romance

Asuka with a historical romance

The symbol of Asuka Village is the Ishibutai Tumulus. It is believed that Soga Umako, who was a member of a powerful family at the time, was buried here. There are also other stone structures scattered around with distinctive shapes.

“Asuka-dera” is famous for Japan’s oldest Buddhist statue, “Tachibana-dera” is said to be the birthplace of Prince Shotoku, and “Oka-dera” is home to Japan’s largest clay statue (Buddha statue made of clay) and is home to Japan’s three great Buddha statues. These are all valuable, precious, and important cultural properties. When you actually visit, you will be moved and your heart will be cleansed.