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Asageshiki “Captivating Morning Views”

Savoring a delightful breakfast, reminiscent of ancient nobility, while embracing the essence of time.


~Asageshiki Enjoy a wonderful time with Asuka’s ancient food and roasted coffee while looking out at the spectacular view~

This is an early morning trekking tour where you can enjoy a locally produced breakfast at a scenic point overlooking the cityscape of the area, and experience the culture, history, and nature that are rooted in the area.

A Day of Strawberry Bliss

Learn to find and pick the sweetest strawberries from local growers, then make an enticing strawberry dessert. Taste the delicate sweetness of rare luxury varietals, such as kotaka and nara-akari. Finish the day with juice-stained fingers and a happy belly.

Create-Your-Own Delicious Organic Asuka Hotpot by the Kotatsu

Experience Organic Vegetable Harvesting 
and Enjoy Asuka Hot Pot by the Kotatsu 
– A Unique and Cozy Culinary Adventure for Tourists

Sample a flight of gourmet soy sauces and make your own on this tour, which includes a special dinner.

Brewed in a soy sauce brewery that has been around for 100 years

Cycling around Asuka Village

Asuka Village offers a variety of moving experiences. Asuka is a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

For example, how about a cycling tour like this?