Asuka ni Imasu Shrine(飛鳥坐神社)

The date of its establishment is unknown, but in the Engishiki, it was enshrined under the system of Asukaza Shrine Four Zans, Namimeijindai, Tsukiji Niiname, Aijo,'' and was considered particularly important. It is written in theNihon Kiryo” that the shrine was moved to its current location on March 10, 829 by an oracle. On the first Sunday of February every year, the unique festival Oda Festival'' is held, and it is crowded with many pilgrims who pray for a rich harvest and the prosperity of their descendants. The Onda Festival is known as one of the three most bizarre festivals in Western Japan.Before and after the ritual, Tengu, Otafuku, an old man, and a cow hit the worshipers' butts with sasara, and during the dedication ritual, they planted rice. There are scenes that will make you laugh, such as wedding ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, and other ceremonies. In addition, there is a poem written by Nobuo Orikuchi (another name for the poet Shako Sora), a scholar of Japanese literature and the chief priest of Asukaza Shrine,The night falls in Asuka, and his hometown lights a light.” A monument to the poem has been placed within the precincts.


飛鳥坐神社(Asuka ni Imasu Shrine)

The Onda Festival is considered one of the three strangest festivals in western Japan, and is crowded with many worshipers who pray for the growth and fertility of rice, as well as fertility, marriage, and safe growth for descendants.

Address: 708 Kannabi, Asuka, Asuka Village, Takaichi District, Nara Prefecture
Admission fee: Free entry to the precincts
business hours:09:00~17:00
Parking: Free

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