Kameishi in Asuka Village


~ There is also a scary legend that when Kameishi turned west, the entire Yamato Province would sink into a sea of mud ~
It is an ancient stone structure with a turtle-like animal carved into a huge granite stone.
The giant stone is 3.6m long, 2.1m wide, and 1.8m high. There is a carving that resembles an animal’s face at the bottom of the stone, which resembles a turtle, so it is called “Kameishi,” and it is a stone structure that soothes visitors. It’s a thing. It is a popular spot where you can’t help but want to take photos.

Kameishi in Asuka Village
Kameishi in Asuka Village


Kameishi was built to mourn a turtle that died when the lake dried up due to the action of Toma’s snake.The turtle originally faced north, but it turned to the current southwest direction, and the turtle was named after Toma. There is also a scary legend that when you look to the west, the entire area of Yamato Province sinks into a sea of mud.

Kawahara, Asuka Village, Takaichi District, Nara Prefecture
Admission fee: Free
*Cars are not allowed to enter, so please tour on foot or by bicycle.

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