Ishibutai Kofun(石舞台古墳)

Let’s go see Ishibutai Kofun, one of the largest rectangular tombs in Japan!
Ishibutai Kofun is full of historical romance. As a symbol of Asuka Village, many people visit it every year and are captivated by its size, which is one of the largest stone chambers in Japan. In particular, the ceiling stone weighs approximately 77 tons, demonstrating the excellent civil engineering and transportation techniques of the time it was built.
It is said that it was originally a rectangular tumulus about 55m on a side, but at an early stage the embankment on top of the tumulus was lost and a huge stone chamber was exposed, leaving it in its current state. It is said that Umako’s grave was uncovered after later generations who objected to Soga Umako’s domineering attitude removed the fiefdom.

The name Ishibutai is said to come from the fact that the exposed ceiling stone has a flat upper surface, making it look like a stage. In addition, various legends have been passed down by storytellers, such as the legend that a fox transformed into a beautiful woman and danced on the stone on a moonlit night, and the theory that traveling entertainers performed on this gigantic stone.

Ishibutai Tumulus in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture

石舞台古墳(Ishibutai Kofun)

The area is home to Japan’s largest rectangular stone stage tumulus, with a lawn plaza that takes advantage of the surrounding gently terraced rice fields and the Asuka Kazebutai (multipurpose rest area), which can be used for events. There is a souvenir shop called “Asuka no Yumeichi”.

AddressShimasho, Asuka Village, Takaichi District, Nara Prefecture
Admission feeFree
Business hours:8:30-17:00(Reception until 16:45)
Admission feeGeneral 300 (250) yen
High school to elementary school students 100 (50) yen
parking■Asuka Historical Park Ishibutai area parking lot is free
*Regular cars only
*During the busy season, it becomes a bicycle parking lot.
■There is a charge for Ishibutai parking lot.
*20 large units, 150 regular units
*Managed by: Asuka Village Regional Development Corporation
TEL. 0744-54-4577

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